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Disposable Neurology Drape Kit Manufacturers in Coimbatore

We ensure that our vision of maximum disinfection aligns with your patient and employee safety goals. Our team offers a complete selection of neurology drapes to meet the surgical needs of the peripheral, vegetative, and central nervous systems. Because of the complexity of neurosurgery, we design our products to provide strength, flexibility, and convenience during surgeries. Our Neuro drapes are designed to protect the sterile field from infection during such protracted surgeries. We provide tailored drapes to reduce the number of surgical wound infections caused by bacterial spread and maintain patient safety.

What We Offer Our Products

Our Disposable Surgical Products

Neuro Drape Kit

Our single-use disposable neurology drapes are designed to provide optimal infection prevention throughout all types

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Craniotomy Drape Kit

Craniotomy surgical drape with hole protects the operation area, prevents infection from entering the incision

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Lamino Spinal Drape Left Or Right

Lamino Spinal drapes protect patients from infection during spinal procedures (such as spinal laminectomy/decompression,

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