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Non-Woven Disposable Surgical Drapes for Orthopedic Surgeries

To suit the unique needs of orthopedic surgery, we offer a variety of Orthopedic surgery Surgerical packs, including disposable extremities drapes and bags, knee arthroscopy surgical drapes and packs, sterile shoulder drapes, Total Knee Replacement pack[TKR], Knee Arthroscopy kit, Shoulder Arthroscopy kit, Extremity Drape kit, Bilateral Limb Drape kit, that fits securely around patients' limbs, tube holders, and more. To resist the demands of orthopedic surgery, our ORTHOARTS Drapes are manufactured of heavy-duty Non-woven fabric. Our non-woven drapes and packs can swiftly absorb blood and other liquids after the operation, facilitating the procedure and improving safety.Our non-woven Disposable Drapes let orthopedic surgeons do surgeries more rapidly while protecting the patient from infection threats. MEDIYOGS Healthcare India Pvt Ltd is the most desired site to buy orthopedic drapes and packs in India, offering best-in-class orthopedic drapes and packages at competitive costs.

What We Offer Our Products

Our Disposable Surgical Products

Ortho Surgery Pack

Because a disposable orthopedic surgical pack with a reinforced gown is safe, sterile, comfortable, and flexible, it is frequently

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THR Pack (Total Hip Replacement)

The Total Hip Replacement Kit (THR KIT) includes Leg U Drape, C-arm Cover, O.T Towel, Legging, Mayo Trolley Cover

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TKR Pack (Total Knee Replacement)

We are the most reputed company in the surgical devices and supplies industry. Our Total Knee Replacement Kit (TKR Kit)

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Knee Arthroscopy Kit

The customized knee arthroscopy surgery pack keeps patients, and beds dry while also reducing the danger of blood and body

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Shoulder Arthroscopy Kit

SMS non-woven shoulder arthroscopy drape is comprised of SMS, SMMS, and PE film + non-woven fabric.

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Bilateral Limb Drape Kit

We have extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality Ophthalmic Drapes. Our ophthalmic drape is expertly

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Extremity Drape Kit

Extremity Pack with Expanded Surgical Drape is used for one-time protection during surgery performed by the department of a

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