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Universal surgical pack, disposable laparoscopy, pelvic ography pack, sterile laparotomy pack, medical split drape kits, extremity pack with a gown, hand and foot surgical pack with a gown, knee arthroscopy pack with the gown, hip pack with gown, general orthopedic pack with gown, cesarean surgical pack, lithotomy pack, TURP surgical drape pack, cystoscopy surgical set, ophthalmic intravitreal pack, ENT surgical pack, neuro pack, Angiography drape pack, cardiovascular pack, and dental surgical set are all surgical packs; we put together packages specifically for different types of surgeries. MEDIYOGS offers a wide range of adaptable draping solutions for use in a wide variety of surgical procedures, from simple drape sheets to surgical kits for various departments. General surgery in a sterile environment Drape packs is specially created for a variety of universal surgical operations performed in the operating room of a hospital. Nurses and therapists examine them for clinical accuracy. They are also packed sterile to save time and money on operation room setup.

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Our Disposable Surgical Products

General Surgery Minor Pack

If you want to buy the best quality General drapes and packs in India, MEDIYOGS Surgical Pvt Ltd is the best option

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General Surgery Major Pack

Our general surgery kit is specially designed for numerous general surgical operations in hospital operating rooms a

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Hernia Surgery Kit / Pack

We provide a Surgical Hernia Kit, a complete and cost-effective package for performing inguinal hernia repair surgery

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